cicada shell and robot egg

After finishing a couple of shell prints recently, I had the inspiration to add some drawing to one of them, but I was feeling a little uncertain about what to add.

shell print

To explore an idea without the pressure of being perfect, I made a quick copy of the watercolor painting. The print setting was on fast, so the copy turned out very light when compared to the original painting.

cicada shell and robot egg

I first had the idea for the striped egg, so that’s where I started. The cicada shell was sitting on my desk, and I decided that a little sketch of him would be a nice addition. The arms of the egg evolved of their own accord, and just like that, the innocuous egg shape turned into a robot egg. The other squiggles were added here and there to provide a little extra atmosphere.

I have an unexplainable fondness for this piece. Perhaps because of the way it evolved. Perhaps because it’s a little odd, and yet somehow oddly perfect. I really enjoy not only the doodles themselves, but also the detail of the texture created by the pixelated fast printout. It reminds me of swarms of things or primordial soup.

cicada shell and robot egg detail

I’m glad that I made the copy of the original watercolor, not because the drawing was imperfect or because I’m glad I didn’t “ruin” the watercolor, but because the lighter copy provided the perfect background for the odd scene. The bolder color of the watercolor might have overwhelmed the subject matter and wouldn’t have let the drawings shine through.

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