I set up this new blog, and now I’ve hardly been posting any entries! Well, I suppose that’s because I’ve been busy lately. Isn’t that always the case? Not only that, but I feel like I’ve been in a state of creative block. I haven’t had as many ideas for new work lately, and overall I’ve been lacking creative direction in my work.

That said, I did find the time late one night to doodle and little something, and then found the time late the next night to add watercolor to the doodle.


For some reason this watercolor makes me feel a little odd. I always think of an ill fitting shirt when I look at it. To set myself at ease, I also created a cropped version.


Does the first image make anyone else feel a little strange, or is it just me? Which version do you prefer?

This will be my last post before I leave for Kauai! I’m leaving bright and early in the morning. Before it’s the least bit bright actually, and I plan to purely enjoy myself on this vacation. I’m not even bringing my laptop along with me!

I’m sure I’ll have photos and hopefully some art to share when I get back, after the 28th of September.

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  1. I also prefer the cropped painting, but they’re both beautiful! I love the subtle yellow lines that criss-cross it – they’re almost like streamers in the background.

    1. thanks emily! i’m glad you noticed the yellow lines. As I was working I got to a point where it was almost done, but not quite. I added those lines, and they did the trick!

  2. Gorgeous. I actually like the top version better. I guess I just like messy things. I’m like a teacher who wants to see your work, not just the finished product!

    BTW, I love that you are using the new WP 2010 theme on your blog. I think it’s the most beautiful theme ever. So simple and elegant.

    1. Thanks for your input Mike! I also like to see the process, so I try to take in-progress shots when I remember to.

      I really like the new WP theme too. You’re right–simple and elegant, but most importantly well balanced and everything is in proportion! There are some themes that seem like they’ll be nice and simple and clean, but are so clumsy once you view them full screen.

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