calendar sketches

Yesterday was election day, and my nieces (6 years old) and nephew (8 years old) didn’t have school. I volunteered to hang out with them, and when we get together art, among other fun things, is always involved. I usually set them up with their supplies at the dining room table or the kitchen counter, but if I have to spend any time in my studio to do computer work, they eventually all migrate in there and spread out all over the floor. By the end of the day there were papers and crayons and markers everywhere.

When they paint with watercolor they have to sit at the counter because it has the potential for major mess, and since they like to be where I am, I took some time and sat at the table next to them and worked some sketches for a 2011 calendar. I was close enough that all they had to say was “hey Anika look!” and I could “ooooo” and “aaaaaa” at what they’d painted.

I made sketches for each month through August before their attention spans had run out. After they’d left to go back home I needed some time to decompress, so I sat infront of a crackling fire and finished up September through December.

calendar sketches

calendar sketches

I highly recommend that you click on the images which takes you to flickr. There you can view the large sizes and see more of the detail of the various months.

As I was working, my drawings got smaller and smaller, which you can see in the above photo. On the paper to the right, you can see the size I started drawing with January, and by the time I got to December, which you can see in the center paper, the drawing was almost half the size! But that’s ok. These are sketches, and I still have more work to do get to final drawings that I’m happy with.

I’m going to make a grid template to help me draw the dates in a somewhat regular fashion, and I’m going to try out more borders until I find just the right ones.

I like the black and white drawings, but it’s very likely that I’ll at least try out color to see how that works.

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I like May (because it’s my birthday month), and I LOVE the border on August. I’m excited to see your final versions. Print ’em up on some lovely paper, and you’ll have a great little product in time for the new year.

    1. My nieces’ birthday is in May, and I asked Caitlin what her favorite thing was and she said, “rocks” so that’s what inspired that border. I like August’s border a lot too. It’s kind of like Art Nouveau meets Hundertwasser.

  2. Please don’t ask me to choose a favorite! It’s impossible 🙂
    I love the idea of making different borders for each month!
    I’ll try to post today what I’ve done so far with my calendar…the only problem is that it’s in greek!

    1. I went with the borders because it seemed like a nice way to showcase the actual month itself. Plus I like drawing/doodling in this style.

      I’d love to see your calendars so far, and Greek is fine! I’ve actually been thinking that I’ll do a version of my calendar in Spanish and one in German (the two languages other than English that I kind of know). We could start an “international calendar website”! 🙂

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