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One of my sketchbooks has been hiding in my purse for a few months. I started drawing in it this summer, and intended to sketch in it when I was out and about and had a spare moment. Either I didn’t go to many places, or when I did, I didn’t have time to sketch, because it’s been mostly unused since the end of July. I found it again when I was switching from my summer purse to winter purse, and decided to sketch in it the other night.

I had finished quite a few sketches in the book during the summer, and the thought of scanning them all in to share seemed rather tedious, so I decided to make a short video where I flip through the sketchbook and talk about the different sketches a little bit.

I hope you liked it.

I’d really love to hear your feedback about this, so let me know what you think. Would you be interested in seeing similar videos of my sketchbook after I’ve drawn in it some more? Should it be shorter? Could you see the drawings well enough? Any feedback is very welcome!

4 Replies to “Sketchbook Look”

  1. How nice to hear your voice, Anika! I thoroughly enjoyed the video, I didn’t find it too long at all, and the images were very clear.
    Such a neat idea, and great way to take us through your sketches! Hope that your sketchbooks fills with many more drawings, and that you’ll make another video!

  2. Hi Anika, I have your blog on my reader and it’s always a pleasant surprise when there is a new post. I loved this video (and the previous one as well), it was very inspiring! I hope you fill your sketchbook and share it again

    1. Hi Alex, thank you for your nice comment! It’s encouraging to hear the positive feedback about my videos–i’ll definitely be posting more in the future.

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