Sketchbook Project: Update 2

I’ve been making steady progress in my sketchbook, usually completing one drawing every day. So far it seems that the common thread amongst my drawings is that they are either 1 or 2 color, drawn with pencil and/or color pencil, and include both organic and geometric shapes and lines. This may change as I keep drawing. I’m thinking about making some drawings with more colors, and I’m not sure i’ll include grids in all of the drawings.

The fourth drawing was a version of the begonia sketch I did a while back. I only used color pencil for this one.

pink and green begonias

The next one is also loosely based on a floral theme (although the pink shapes also remind me of udders!), but with geometric elements as well.


The last one is based on an embroidery pattern, and I think it’s too much of a copy at this point, so I might change it up if I can think of a good idea for it.


It’s going to be another busy week for me, work-wise, so I might not get a chance to post until the end of the week, but I’ll update with more Sketchbook Project sketches as soon as I can!

3 Replies to “Sketchbook Project: Update 2”

  1. Anika, thanks for sharing your sketchbook pages! Your sketches are so delicate and pretty, yet the lines are strong. Love seeing how your project evolves.

  2. Oh, your sketchbook is looking great! Really like the purple begonia pattern.
    I’m really struggling with mine. I’ve got to work on it a ton this weekend and get it shipped off. You’ve inspired me to keep going.

    1. I’ve still got about 20 pages left to fill in (luckily I’m not doing spreads, otherwise it would be a lot more!), so this is going to be a Sketchbook Project weekend for me too. Good luck!

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