Sketchbook Project: Update 5

This afternoon I finished up the final page and cover of my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. It feels so good to have it all finished and sent in!

I’ve edited and uploaded a few of the pages to flickr. In the interest of finishing up this series of posts, this will be a longer post than previous ones, but there will still be two more posts coming before I wrap it up.

This drawing was based on a previous sketch that I shared in the video I made back in November (around 3:47 in the video if you’re curious). I was surprised by how different this looked once the color and texture was added.


I created with the help of one of my dad’s old compasses.

pine branches
I snagged this idea from an old abstract sketch of pine branches that pre-dates my current art-only flickr account. I arranged it a little differently, so hopefully it’s not cheating too much.

This drawing was also borrowed from a sketch I’d done previously. I changed the arrangement of the shapes and the colors.

half circles
This was inspired by a photo I saw somewhere along the line of a building with red windows against a stone wall. The drawing itself changed a lot from the photo, and now I see all kinds of things in the drawing from turtle shells to houses.

I used the help of a compass to draw the circles and then added in the line and grid detail to create this very structural looking drawing.

I didn’t have much direction with this drawing. It started with one of the fan shapes and evolved from there. I like to think of it as the ceiling of a big outdoor tent structure.

This drawing has a Native American flavor, similar to the dream catcher drawing that is also in this sketchbook. I like the directional feel of this one.

So that’s it for this batch. I’ll be adding one more post that shares the scanned pages and a conclusion post that will feature a video of the finished sketchbook as well as photos of some of the drawing tools I used.

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