Sketchbook Project: Update 6

I’ve lost a bit of steam after finishing up my Sketchbook Project sketchbook, scanning all the remaining pages, sending off the book, and then editing all the digital files, so I took yesterday off and didn’t really do anything creative, or even productive. I went to bed early last night, and today I feel renewed and ready to finish writing about the remaining scanned pages.

I wrote out a very long post with all the remaining pages, and it was crazy-long, so I’m splitting it into two.

This is another drawing that I made using a compass. The pattern reminds me of art deco designs, a genre I love, and yellow and gray is one of my favorite color combinations, so all in all, I love this drawing!

I seem to have a couple of themes that developed in this sketchbook, one of which was weaving and tapestries. This reminds me of a loom that’s been torn and the threads are falling. Although it’s on the minimal side, it’s become one of my favorite drawings in the book.

I started this drawing by making the scalloped shapes and planned to fill the page with the pattern, but when I got to the half way point, I wondered what it would be like if the pattern started to unravel, so I changed my idea. Taking a bit of inspiration from the unraveling threads drawing (above), I drew the pieces that seem to be falling. To me it looks like plumage, but it also reminds me of ripe fruit or leaves falling from a tree.

This was the first of my “pressed for time” sketches. I was feeling the pressure of the impending deadline and felt like I had to just draw something. At first I drew only the colored blocks, but it felt like too much of a cop out, so I added in some detail with a pencil. In the end I’m really happy with this one!

This was another “under pressure” drawing. I first drew a stripe of the little seed shapes and then added the lines that extend vertically between the stripes of seeds. I drew the lines as long as they are to save time by not having to draw as many seeds. Although the reasoning was for saving time, I really like the way this one turned out and think it would make a pretty pattern for bedding or upholstery.

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting the last pages very soon!

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