photographing art

I have a very high-tech method for photographing my art that is too large to fit on my scanner. I tack it on the wall, or more often, lay it on the floor and zoom in my telephoto lens, bending my body into an uncomfortable arch while trying to get the edges of the paper as square as possible in the view finder. It’s no easy task, and with a “kitty helper” it’s even more challenging.

Hi-tech photo studio

My cat mojo wants nothing more out of life than to sleep on my art. The moment I pull out my pens and lay paper on the table, Mojo invariably appears out of nowhere, ready to snooze in the middle of what I’m doing. Paper on the floor is even more irresistible, so of course Mojo was nearby when I photographed my most recent in-progress art.

Art Photo Shoot, Zoomed

Even after zooming in, he makes his presence know.

I took these photos to see how my new flash would work to photograph art. It makes a big difference; the light is a lot more even than I could have gotten from my on-camera flash or light from the window. I had to brighten them up a lot in Light Room, so I’ll probably tweak my set up a little more to get brighter out-of-camera shots, but so far so good.

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