Sketchbook Project: Conclusion

I finally got my video uploaded! I tried vimeo first, but their size limit is only 500MB, so I had to go with youtube. There are two versions of the flip-through video. I’ll post the longer version here that includes commentary and runs a bit over 11 minutes. I also uploaded a shorter version with no talking.

Keep an eye out for the one page that I forgot to scan at about 01:30.

Did you see it? It’s the green and blue drawing I think looks like a loom.

I took a couple of photos of the drawing tools I used in the sketchbook.

Pencil Steps
When I started the project, the colored pencils were all about the same length. Obviously I used some colors more than others, although I don’t know how apparent that is from looking through the book. I based one of the drawings in the sketchbook on the length of the pencils.

Compass Set
I rediscovered this old compass set that my father used when he worked with maps while doing fieldwork in Geology. I found it just in time to draw some circles in the sketchbook. Also shown in this photo are the pencils and erasers I used. Mostly I used the 0.3mm mechanical pencils with HB lead, but occasionally used the 2B wooden pencil.

That’ll do it for the sketchbook project. It was a lot of work, but I had fun coming up with ideas and filling in all the pages. It was good practice to be focused on one project for a couple of months, and overall it was a very rewarding experience. I’ve connected with so many great artists through this project, mostly via twitter. The variety of top-notch artwork being made never ceases to amaze me. I’m so happy that DC was added to the tour–I get to check out all the awesome sketchbooks in person! Well, maybe not all since there are over 28,000 of them, but I imagine I’ll be spending quite a lot of time at the gallery while the show is going on.

6 Replies to “Sketchbook Project: Conclusion”

  1. Great, great work. Though I’ve seen most of your sketches in previous posts, it was really nice to watch you walk us through your book and hear the inspiration. I think my favorites are still the 1st cell phone towers and the multicolored dots (I love color!), but I think the whole book comes together so well and the drawings are very complementary of one another. You should be proud!

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! I thought it was important to do this video since I posted the pages as I drew them, and not in order as they appear in the sketchbook. I think the video really helps get a sense of how the book flows overall.

  2. I really enjoyed again you taking us through your sketchbook. I like the loom, the stones and gems, but my favorite patterns remain the floral ones, and the pink peonies are beautiful. Our red and blue pencils also seem always to be shorter than the others, which really bothers my precise first born, while the white and pale pink never get used at all!

    1. Good! I’m glad you enjoyed the video. White is a tricky colored pencil because it’s not very opaque, so I haven’t had much luck getting it to show up, even on darker or colored papers. I thought I’d use the pale pink more than I did and was a little surprised by how long it ended up! Maybe your oldest can find some kind of pattern in the various lengths of the pencils. I’m also very precise, and I find patterns are great for recreating precision out of seeming randomness.

  3. Such a delightful video Anika, I can’t believe I missed this! I had seen most of the pages before but it’s wonderful to see everything together and hear you talk about your inspiration. Your sketchbook kept getting better and better as you flipped the pages! The spiderweb clouds, based on a dream are fantastic, the drawing based on the size of your pencils…. brilliant. Overall, it’s great work and I’m glad I was able to see it through this video that you shared with us.

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