Get Your Paint On, Week Three

Week three’s assignment had to do with mixing color. Choosing, matching and mixing color is something I’ve become pretty good at over the years, so I chose my color palette and got to work. I painted an underpainting of bright blue, and then added several layers of texture in a yellow-green color.

I didn’t have an abundance of new ideas, so I drew inspiration from an old composition that I’d done last the summer. I wanted to try a technique that I saw in a video about Beatriz Milhazes where she applies acrylic paint to plastic, glues it to the canvas, and peels the plastic away, so the imagery of the stones was perfect to try out the new method.

Rough Edges

I used the technique for the gray round shapes. It worked pretty well, but some of the paint came up when I peeled off the plastic, I think because the sheet of plastic I used was rather stiff and inflexible.

The next step offered me an opportunity to practice my fine line painting again. Some of the lines are still better than others, but the practice was worthwhile, and I feel like I’m getting a feel for it.

Red Lines

At this point I considered calling it done, as I had initially planned to keep the gray shapes rough. However, I found the inconsistencies of the edges of the gray shapes distracting, so I retouched the edges and chipped areas and it felt much better to me.

Week 3

I find it interesting that the texture of the gray painted touch up areas is so different than the paint that was applied with the transfer method, which is super smooth and almost shiny.

I would like to try the peel-off technique again to see if I can perfect it. It would be ideal if I could get the shapes to transfer cleanly without the need for touch ups.

8 Replies to “Get Your Paint On, Week Three”

  1. The peel-off technique is very interesting. I prefer the retouched version of this painting but the chipped edges could work very well in a different composition. It looks worn in a good way.

    1. I agree, I liked the chipped edges, but for this composition everything else was so neat and precise, it didn’t work. maybe i’ll find a use for the rougher look in the future.

    1. Thanks Jeannine! I really like the way the colors turned out too. It’s a little unusual, but that’s what I like about it! 🙂 The technique is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. The real trick is being patient and letting the glue dry fully before peeling off the plastic.

  2. Hi Anika!!

    I love your curiosity into different ways of playing around with paint. I can see you are a clever perfectionist. I would have wanted those edges to be as you made them too 😉 I love your style. You triumphed again!

    Bella x

    1. Hi Bella! Thanks so much for the lovely comment. Yes it’s true, I have a perfectionist streak, but who knows, maybe I’ll find a use for those rough edges in another piece someday?

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