Prismacolor Premier & Verithin Pencils

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some art supplies all week. Today they arrived!

My new supplies

After working on a bunch of drawings recently with sharpies, I had the idea to try similar drawings with colored pencil. Unfortunately my colored pencils have been totally eaten up by my Sketchbook Project drawings. Aw, shucks. I needed new ones. 😀

I’d heard really good things about Prismacolor colored pencils, so I decided to get a set each of the Premier and the Verithin pencils. The Premiers have softer thicker lead, so the colors tend to be richer, while the Verithins’ lead is thinner and harder, so they are better for detail work.


Dick Blick had a special, so I got a free set of fine line markers with the set of 48 Premier pencils.

Of course the first thing I had to do was make a color chart.

pencil colors

The first block of colors are the Premier pencils, followed by the Verithins, and then the 4 markers. If you’d like to view the chart a little bigger, you can see it on flickr.

I was kinda surprised that there were a few colors in the set of 36 verithins that weren’t in the set of 48 premiers. I might have to pick up a couple premier pencils in pumpkin orange, dahlia purple, and deco pink–they are such nice colors!

Off I go to draw!

3 Replies to “Prismacolor Premier & Verithin Pencils”

  1. Eye candy!!! I know that you’re gonna have so much fun with these.
    I have a set of premier prismacolors and tried them on metal once but I definitely need to experiment more with this technique.

    1. Aren’t shiny new art supplies the best? I’ve already done a wee bit of drawing, but have more time to really get to know the pencils tonight. I bet they would look really neat on metal!

  2. Hi.
    Have you been using the blending pencil with your Premier Prismas?
    I’m thinking about getting a set, and wanted to know how well they blend…with a lot of effort or not.
    thanks, and great post!

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