Metropolitan Cafe Art Show, Virtual Tour

For the month of May my art is hanging up in a lovely little restaurant in Baltimore. I’ve been wanting to schedule a show at the Metropolitan Cafe for a while now, but it wasn’t until I had the last minute opportunity to show my artwork there that I got my work together and framed.

There are two levels to Metropolitan. Downstairs, there’s a lovely, big brick wall on which three of my large shadow drawings are hanging.

Art Downstairs

Each drawing is similar in style, but I used a different medium to color each one. The golden drawing is colored with colored pencil, the pink one is a watercolor painting that I finished the night before hanging the show, and the gray was created with Prismacolor markers.

Shadow Drawings

Gray Shadow Drawing

All the smaller pieces of art can be seen upstairs.

Three more shadow drawings hang together on another beautiful brick wall.

Shadow drawings on brick

All three are prints of originals that I colored with watercolor.

Gray & Teal on Brick

Blue on Brick

The set of six pattern drawings were all hung near each other on a bright yellow wall.

Framed Patterns

Each is a print of an original drawing or watercolor.

The final group of my recent geometric circle drawing were hung by the upstairs fireplace.

Circle Drawings on the Wall

Admittedly, they look a little small for the space, but I love them anyway! Look how nice the triptych turned out:

Circle Triptych

If you are in the Baltimore area, I’d love if you stopped by to see the show for yourself, but if you can’t make it, or aren’t in the area, I hope you enjoyed this mini-virtual tour of my show at Metropolitan Cafe. I love the way the art looks on the brick walls especially, but even the yellow walls look great as a backdrop for my brightly colored drawings.

If you want to see more, I posted a few extra photos on flickr that are not shown here, as well as close-ups of most of the work in the show.

10 Replies to “Metropolitan Cafe Art Show, Virtual Tour”

  1. Lovely Anika!!! Your work suits the space beautifully. I especially like the pieces against that brick wall. stunning!!! CONGRATS on your first “show.” I hope you get some sales and am excited that more people get to see your creations!!!

  2. One day I will be able to say, I knew her before she became famous! These pieces are delightful. I enjoy your work and know you will have more opportunities for JQP to see the many facets of your art. As a matter of fact, I think Frederick would welcome you, especially due to the diversity of people and their tastes. Over the years, I’ve suggested the idea of restaurant owners offering space on their walls for local artists to engage us while we dine. It’s a happenin’. Congrats, dear lady!

  3. Everything looks great! Now with your paintings on the walls, I would love to hang around all day and keep admiring them 🙂 Too bad Baltimore is so far away…
    I’ll have to check on your past works, I didn’t remember the shadow drawings, they ‘re wonderful!

  4. Anika,
    I am so thrilled to see your work up in a space where the public can appreciate it! You are a gifted and thoughtful artist.

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