A New Kaleidoscope Drawing

After hanging up all the work I framed at Metropolitan Cafe, I was 99% satisfied, except for one area where the triptych seemed too small for the prominent space above the fireplace.

Circle Drawings on the Wall

I decided to make a larger drawing to hang in its place, moving the triptych on the wall that’s to the right of the space shown in the image above. I started working on the new drawing the very night I got home from hanging the show.

I started by drawing a grid on some smooth drawing paper with a pencil (and a ruler of course), and then drew the outline of the circle with the help of my trusty compass set.


After drawing the grid I actually erased most of it, leaving only a hint of the lines, just dark enough so I could make out the grid while I was adding the colors. I started with pink.


Unfortunately the pencil lead kept breaking, so before I knew it, the pink pencil was down to a little stub. Luckily the peach color in the set was very similar in tone, so I switched to peach to finish the first layer.

Best Part

With the first color finished, I started the next one: chartreuse green. Adding a new color is the best part of these drawings because that’s when I get to see how the colors will interact as they are layered.

Once the chartreuse was finished, I used true green to start the next layer.

Best Part 2

Ice Cream Cone

I took one more in progress photo when I finished the true green layer, but then got so wrapped up in finishing the drawing that I forgot to take any more in progress pics! Instead I took a photo of all the colored pencils I used for this drawing, which include those I’ve mentioned, plus aquamarine, carmine red, magenta, and violet.

Colored Pencils

Large Kaleidoscope Drawing

When my mom saw the final drawing she said, “it looks like a kaleidoscope”. I think that’s a great observation, so I’ll be calling this series “kaleidoscopes” from now on.

Before I could snap a photo of the finished drawing, I framed it and whisked it away to Baltimore to add it to the show. While I was at Metropolitan, I took a photo of the framed drawing. I wish I’d taken a wide shot of the room so you could see the difference now that the triptych has been moved. I’m sure I’ll visit the cafe again soon, so I’ll update this when I get the shot.

11 Replies to “A New Kaleidoscope Drawing”

  1. What a beautiful piece! I have tried to so something similar but it always turns out a fail but looking over your process I see what I am doing wrong. Thanks for showing this. I am off to snoop around your blog a bit more.
    Hope your having a wonderful day!
    Much Love,

    P.S. Thanks for reading and RT my blog post on ‘You think you had a bad day?’

  2. Its beautiful! I love the progress shots as well as the tools of your trade. Thanks for sharing so much of it with us. 🙂

  3. This drawing is lovely. Very beautifully constructed, and I love how the layers have built to create such a deep and vibrant texture. Well done. Altogether a fabulous series of work.


  4. AMAZING! The colours are so vibrant and I really like how you layered the different colours! 🙂 Coloured pencil is one of my favourite mediums as well.
    P.S. Great blog! I really enjoy your work! 🙂

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