20 in 20: June Birthday Bash Giveaway, Winners for Week 1

My first week of painting for the 20 in 20 giveaway went really well. Thanks to everyone who commented on any or all of the posts! I really appreciate your participation; I was actually taken by suprise by how hard it was to only award 1 winner for each painting. It always sounded like such an empty statement to say, “I wish you all could have won!” but wow, I really wish you all could have won!

I might be a paintin’ machine for the month of June, but I’m not an actual painting robot, so for now I’ll just have to give the paintings to their rightful winners.

First 3 days

Without further ado, the winners for Days 1 – 3 are:

Day 1: Lindsay who said, “Beautiful!”
Day 2: Jeannine | SaylorMade who said, “I am filling out a ‘ballot’ ie: commenting for each one & will retweet often. This is a great idea! I like the combination of a light green with red. I think I may have to invest in a set of gouche paints. I love the look. Recommend a brand?” (BTW, I haven’t ignored your question; I’m actually working on a blog post about gouache to share my thoughts & recommendations).
Day 3: Jess who said, “This is my favorite so far. Love the geometric patterns!”

A special thanks this week to my nieces, Caitlin (who picked the name for Day 1), Alyssa (who picked the name for Day 3), and my nephew Max (who picked the name for Day 2). They drew the names from a basket of well-mixed, folded pieces of paper for a truly random selection.

If you didn’t win one of these, don’t fret! I’ll be giving away 17 more paintings this month. In fact, Day 4’s painting is waiting for your comments!

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