Mini Books

I spent some time with my nieces this past weekend. We always end up doing something crafty or artsy together, and this time we made mini books!

I decided to fill in the pages of the little blank book I had put together as an example with a few quick doodles. Obviously I put a lot of thought into the title, “Book”. I used scrap paper for mine, so the only words are those that were scribbled on the reverse side of the pages.

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When my niece Caitlin proudly showed me her finished book, I was so impressed by what she’d done, I asked if I could keep the book for a while so I could take some photos of it. She agreed, so feast your eyes on “The Book of Lazy Pigs” by Caitlin.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Isn’t it hilarious?

Neither of these are actually zines since there’s only one of them, so I’m calling them Mini Books. I’m not sure “Mini Book” is a genre, but it should be!

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  1. Both are great. Lazy Pigs is so cute! I love seeing kids’ art. I think “other pig” is my favorite of the two. ; ) You have quite a creative niece there!

  2. The lazy pigs book is so so sweet!! I had my 4 year old nephew draw a A4 piece of paper and then folded it like a mini book, stapled it and gave it to him. He loved it and was so proud showing it to his parents 🙂

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