20 in 20: June Birthday Bash Giveaway, Day 9

Usually I come up with the seed of an idea during the day before I sit down to paint, but for Day 9 not only did I have no ideas about what to paint, I also didn’t really feel like painting. But that’s kind of the point of a project like this–you do it anyway! Once I gathered my supplies together, my mood changed, and I was glad to have a little creative time. I sat down, looked through my paints, flipped through my sketchbook, doodled a bit, got an idea that I sketched out that didn’t go anywhere good; then I looked up and spied a bouquet of wildflowers I’d gathered on a walk. Finally an idea started to take shape.

Day 9 of my 20 in 20 giveaway

I took the above photo with some of the other wild plants/seeds I picked on my walk. The flower in the painting is not pictured above, so bonus points if you can guess what flower inspired today’s painting!

Day 9 of my 20 in 20 giveaway

Thanks to Jeannine for suggesting lime green as a color to go with dark grayish purple and Jessica for suggesting green dots (which remind me of fireflies in this painting), both via twitter!

This is a gouache painting that goes all the way to the edge of the 6in square piece of Arches 90lb paper.

If you like this painting, leave a comment on this blog post and you’ll be entered to win it. It’s as easy as that! For more information about the giveaway, read the Giveaway Details below.

Many thanks to Abbey Hendrickson from Aesthetic Outburst for providing the inspiration for this project!

Giveaway Details:

  • eligibility: open to anyone worldwide.
  • how to enter: leave a comment on the giveaway post to be entered to win the painting featured in the post. Feel free to enter to win more than one painting, but only one comment per person per post.
  • entry deadline: comments close on the first Sunday morning (EST)* after the post is made (*the exceptions are days 19 & 20 which fall on June 27th & 28th. Days 19 & 20 giveaway posts will close the morning of the 29th, so I can announce the final winners on my actual birthday).
  • winner selection & notification: winners will be chosen at random and announced on the blog each Monday for all the giveaways from the previous week.
  • how to claim your painting: send me an email at aisforanika -at- gmail -dot- com with your mailing address and I’ll send you the painting you won right away! Winners must send me their response with their mailing address within 72 hours (3 days) of the published time of the notification post or they forfeit the prize in which case another winner will be randomly chosen.

23 Replies to “20 in 20: June Birthday Bash Giveaway, Day 9”

  1. This is a beautiful piece!
    I am new to your blog. I found you through Aesthetic Outburst a few days ago, and I am glad I did! Great work!

  2. Anika–This is definitely one of my faves so far, and, in fact, it’s running neck and neck w/ number 8 for which one I’d buy first when it shows up in your store. 🙂

  3. my best guess is wild hydrangea… love love love that purple. i have nail polish and a guest bedroom inspired by the nailpolish, that color. it’s also one of my 4 wedding colors!

    1. that’s a good guess, but no! Hydrangea’s are awesome though, and I can see why you’d guess that! Isn’t it a great purple? One of my faves to use in art!

  4. your blog has blown up!!!! you deserve it lady – your paintings are gorgeous, and I am so happy this giveaway idea has pushed you to produce more!!! look at the wonderful things you can create. I really love the natural influence that comes through in some of your recent works – makes me even more excited about our collaboration. Hoping to win this bad boy and possibly others 😀

  5. I was going to guess hydrangeas as well. Love the colors you’ve used, it’s a great combination 🙂

  6. This is lovely! This should be made into a print for fabric. How about a nice summer dress? (: The color scheme is fantastic.

    I would also have guess hydrangeas, but since that’s already been guessed, my second thought was mountain laurel. I’m positive that isn’t the inspiration for this piece, though. (:

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