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Late last night I was catching up with the blogs I follow, and I saw Paulette’s video post. It was really charming, and since I’ve thought about video blogging before, it inspired me to just go ahead and try it out.

I had a few false starts and learned a few technical details along the way, but by Try 5, I had a video that I didn’t feel too embarrassed about posting.

As I say in the video, I think this might be a fun thing to do from time to time to share little odds and ends, maybe show off the mail art I send & recieve (since I still haven’t gotten my act together to write a post about it), and perhaps show you some more behind the scenes views of how I make art. If you’re very lucky I might even have Otto & Kasi join me sometime for a special guest appearance.

What do you all think? Is this something you’d like to see more of? Do you have any other topics you’d like me to talk about, or things you’d like me to share?

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  1. Good for you for giving it a try and giving us a sneak peek at your behind the scenes photo area. I imagine your first few tries were funny and frustrating. I know when I take pictures of myself there is a lot of editing of “confused or constipated” face. 😉

    1. yeah, the first few were really funny. i especially like the ones where i got distracted by the delay, so i’d slow down when i was talking, I think trying to let the screen capture catch up? It was fun & funny to make this, so I’ll definitely do another sometime!

  2. Doing really well Anika to get all that at Try 5! You spoke well and the flow of information was good. I think it would be a great way for you to share anything 3D and for showing a work in process.

  3. Anika–So fun to see you on screen! And you’ve inspired me to do another video for the blog about the video project I’ve been working on all year. I really liked the behind-the-scenes about staging the birthday giveaway shoot, and I also loved your show-and-tell. You’re so much better than that than I am. I still always forget things are reversed in the screen and I’m forever positioning things in the wrong place. Look forward to seeing more!

  4. hehehehe you’re so cute and such a dork all at once. I LOVE IT. hah. It’s so funny to think that I have made all of these friendships with really cool people, even send mail to a lot of them, but would walk right past them on the street because i HARDLY know what they look or sound like!!! I will one day find the courage to VLOG, but for now, videos of me printmaking with head cropped off and electronic music playing in the background will have to do… YOU GO GIRL.

  5. Your so comfortable infront of the camera I love it! I want more. I love that you are honest about your takes, I took one take of my vlog and was to shy to do another one. Vlogging is not my thing but you can work it girl!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend,

  6. Anika, you’re so sweet! It’s wonderful to see your face on the screen. It made me smile and I loved it! Definitely want to see more videos from you!!!

  7. It may have taken five takes but you definitely got the hang of it! I enjoyed your videos about your sketchbook but this one is better. It did put a smile on my face and I’d love to see more!

  8. that is cool! it makes blogs much more friendly. i like that people are adding videos to them. thanks for posting yours 🙂

    now i must go check out some others of yours. i think i see some sketchbook tours!

    (this is feather on flickr)

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