20 in 20: June Birthday Bash Giveaway, Winners for Week 3

Yay! Another week successfully completed! Week 3 was the most difficult for me so far because I had a lot going on besides work and making art, but I persevered and worked on the paintings each night, even when I didn’t really feel like it. The great thing about painting is that even if I’m reluctant to start, I’m always so happy once I get out my supplies and start working. And, the great thing about doing a project like this 20 in 20 giveaway is that it provides me with the incentive I needed to get over that reluctance and get the paintings done.

Days 9 - 13

Are you excited to read who won Week 3’s paintings? I won’t keep you in suspense! The winners for Days 9 – 13 are:

Day 9: Alex who said, “I was going to guess hydrangeas as well. Love the colors you’ve used, it’s a great combination :)”
Day 10: Gina G. who said, “This is my favorite one so far! :)”
Day 11: Jessica Gowling who said, “starting to lose hope – you’ve got too many lovely commentators!!!! This one is of course my favorite – so natural. such a win. Still disappointed about not winning cirquare, so to make it up to me, you can just gift me this one…. <3" Day 12: Kikik who said, "How beautiful! This painting would have been easier to do with cut paper, but to do it with the paint brush must have been quite a challenge. Excellent work!" Day 13: Whitney who said, “I want a quilt that looks like this!”

Congrats to the winners! If you won a painting, get in touch with your mailing address at aisforanika {at} gmail {dot} com (or you can send a DM on twitter if you follow me!) within 72 hours and I’ll send you the painting!

This week I had my mom help me pick names out of a basket. I think she’s still wondering why I’m doing this whole thing, but even so, she was happy to help!

If you didn’t win one of these paintings, there’s still a chance! I’ll be creating & giving away 7 more paintings before my birthday on the 29th.

Oh, and by the way, the flower that inspired Day 9’s painting was yarrow! Got a couple guesses for hydrangea, which made sense, but it was actually an unassuming little bunch of yarrow blossoms!

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  1. I was too slow all week… shame on me. I just wanted to tell you that the last 3 pieces you did are my favourite even though they are all so different. I am seeing the progression in your painting it is inspiring. You have talent girl!

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