20 in 20: June Birthday Bash Giveaway, Winners for Week 4

I made it through another week with some beautiful paintings to show for it. Have I mentioned how much fun it is for me to see what I come up with each day? It’s always a surprise, and it’s exciting to see this collection of 20 paintings coming together.

Days 14 - 18

The winners for Days 14 – 18 are:

Day 14: Patricia who said, “Looks like the logo of a very cool superhero!”
Day 15: Maitreya who said, “This one jumps out of the page!”
Day 16: sandi who said, “i love geometric shapes, what an awesome print, and giveaway!”
Day 17: rica who said, “I love this one Anika! Lovely lovely lovely <3" Day 18: ezerd who said, “I want to spin it..”

Congrats to the winners! If you won a painting, get in touch with your mailing address at aisforanika {at} gmail {dot} com (or you can send a DM on twitter if you follow me!) within 72 hours and I’ll send you the painting!

This week I used an overly complicated coin flipping method to ensure that the selection of winners was completely random. It took a long time, but it was kind of fun!

If you didn’t win one of these paintings, there’s still a chance! I’ll be creating & giving away 2 more paintings before my birthday on the 29th.

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