From My Garden, Days 2 & 3

Today I suddenly realized that what I’d called lupine seed pods in my last post are actually *larkspur* seed pods! It hit me out of the blue and I was like, “duh, of course i knew that!”


The larkspur seed pods I used as part of Day 1’s exploration didn’t really show up in the art piece I created, so for Day 2, I decided to draw them since I really love their shape.

Larkspur seed pod pencil drawing

pencil drawing of larkspur seed pods

I took a photo of the drawing with a clematis plant on the steps of my back porch. My brother’s dog, Chief, jumped in the shot at the last second, helping created the perfect photo!

For Day 3, I wanted to take the larkspur drawing a little further. I saw this amazing, huge grape leaf that is lacy with holes in some areas. It seemed perfect for a spray paint stencil.

huge grape leaf

Otto & huge grape leaf

(Pictured with Otto to show a sense of scale. Isn’t it big!?)

I really like how the drawing of the seed pods turned out, so instead of experimenting with the original, I printed out a copy and refined the drawn lines with black ink before spray painting.

Outdoor Studio 2

Again I used a very simple outdoor studio set up. I placed the paper on the grass with the leaf on top and sprayed the desired color, adjusting the leaf slightly before spraying the next color. I used a combination of bright red, lavender and light blue, which all blended very nicely together.

larkspur drawing & spray paint

I really enjoy the speckled texture that the spray paint lends, and I’m happy that the paint managed to make its way through some of the holey areas of the leaf.

I was also happy to notice that the spray painted leaf itself was quite beautiful. I find it interesting how the colors combined with the dull yellowish green of the back of the leaf to create a neutral gray color that almost matches the wood of the porch!

spray painted grape leaf

I know I’m only on Day 3, but I’m loving this project. Everyday I see more & more. I could have easily created 20 drawings inspired by the plants I’ve examined, but I’m taking it easy and having fun with it. At least I know I won’t run out of ideas any time soon!

9 Replies to “From My Garden, Days 2 & 3”

  1. I love the pencil drawing and then the subsequent dream-like piece created for the next day. I found a tutorial for making a plaster wall hanging of a leaf & I think I may give that a try with the enormous maple leaves near my house. Nature and gardening constantly inspires me as well.

    1. Thanks Carol! It’s a real joy to take a closer look at nature; and even more so with Otto trotting about next to me!

  2. your blog is so inspiring Anika!
    Loved the birthday project from last month, and love this amazing floral series going on right now!<3 keep creating! I can't wait to see more!:)

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