From My Garden, Hops

We’re growing a couple of hops plants for my brother (he likes to home brew beer), and I really love how the leaves are heart shaped with what looks like a serrated edge. My first impression was that they would be a challenge to draw, and since I’m always up for a challenge, I set up a little “outdoor studio” and got to work.

outdoor drawing "studio"
(Not pictured are a couple of cushions to sit on.)

Hops Leaves

I zeroed in on a pair of leaves to draw, did a quick sketch to figure out the composition and make sure I got the scale of the leaves right, and I then started working on the details of the shapes of the leaves. The hardest part was seeing the leaves as the light dwindled, but I finished the first phase of the drawing just in time.


Once I got the outline of the leaves worked out, I tried shading to give a sense of depth, but it just wasn’t working. Instead I decided to focus on adding detail texture, so I drew some of the main veins of the leaf. I was really interested to see how there was a clear pattern in how the veins were distributed, but it wasn’t always a perfect pattern–just my style!

I had to pack up my outdoor studio that first night, since I lost the light, but I took some time to refine the lines of the leaves and veins.

The next day I evaluated the drawing, and realized that the composition seemed to be wanting a little more. I set up my studio again and used my artistic license to add a smaller set of leaves below the first, even though in reality they were located elsewhere on the plant.

hops leaves

I want to do more with this drawing. I even transfered the drawing to another sheet of “good” paper to work with, but then it sat there. After mulling it over for a couple days, I’m still not sure exactly what the next step will be. I’ll set it aside for now and move onto something else. I’m sure I’ll figure out what to do eventually!

8 Replies to “From My Garden, Hops”

  1. Dear Anika, I do hope I don’t sound too impatient, but I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear news of this shop you promised us. My little heart is broken at not having some of your art in our house… will it be opening up soon? 🙂
    Thanks, Astrid x

    1. Yes! It’s coming soon! Life has gotten a little busy, but it’s in the works. Prints of the 20 in 20 paintings will be available before you know it! 🙂

  2. I like the first drawing that you did. I would call it HOPE. The little cluster on top of the vine seems to reach up in a most hopeful way. Perhaps it is just the way the picture was taken, but it really speaks to me.

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