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As some of you may know, I recently hosted a week of “Anicamp” for my nieces & nephew. They were here for 5 days and in that time we went for picnics, hikes, and swims, had scavenger hunts, played games, made crafts and more! One of the things that my nieces, Caitlin and Alyssa, have recently discovered is friendship bracelets, and they brought their materials with them. It was fun to watch them make bracelet after bracelet, so of course I had to join in!


I was a dedicated friendship bracelet maker when I was younger. It was probably the one hobby I stuck with the longest. I even came up with a line of friendship bracelet products including bracelets (of course), pins, key chains and more.

What fun to rediscover one of my all time favorite hobbies! It was like riding a bike, and I picked it right up again. I was even able to teach my nieces a couple new patterns to add to their collection. We had such a good time with it, my nephew Max actually got interested and started making bracelets too!

So, part 2 of this story involves a new side project I’ve been cooking up for a while–a new website where I’ll share short tutorials on a variety of creative topics. Beyond hatching the plan of the initial idea, I haven’t had much time to make much progress on the site. Today I decided to just get started already, even if it’s not “perfect”.

My new website is Pop on over and check out my very first tutorial about, what else? Friendship Bracelets! It’s the first post in a series that I’m working on, and I’ll probably mention it again here when I add a new post.

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  1. That’s so cool. I love making the macrame kind with hemp and never knew how to make the spiral ones. Thanks so much for doing this. Your nieces are very lucky!

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