Black and Gray Line Drawings

I decided that I couldn’t let an entire month go by without a blog post. October has absolutely zoomed by for me. I’ve carved out a little creative time here and there, but mostly I’ve been busy with design work.

My sister-in-law Rachel & my brother James are fans of my work, and every now and again they ask me very nicely if I’d be willing to make something for their home. The first time I made something for them, I drew several drawings for their daughter Mia’s room. Recently Rachel decided to revamp their living room, and she was keen on featuring 3 big drawings above the couch.

In a recent discussion about the project, I asked if she’d thought about what she might like, to give me something to work with as a starting point. She said she’d been thinking about drawings that were made of only black and gray lines. They didn’t have to match or be the same since she figured that there would be continuity in the fact that the lines would be drawn by the same hand. I was intrigued by her idea, so that very night, I sketched out a few of my ideas.

line drawing 1

line drawing 2

line drawing 3

line drawing 4

Admittedly, the first 3 drawings were re-worked from previous drawings and paintings (listed below), but I liked the idea of exploring these different motifs with the restriction of only using lines, without solid areas of color.

horizontal line drawing inspiration
pods inspiration
overlapping petals inspiration

The last drawing of the first 4 that I completed was completely spontaneous; something I did just for fun. Interestingly enough, the last one is also the one James & Rachel liked the most out of the first round of drawings.

A few days later I took some time to sketch out a couple more ideas.

line drawing 6

line drawing 5

Again, for the first image, I took inspiration from previous drawings–do you recognize the connection to some of the stone drawings I’ve made in the past? The second image reminds me of birch trees. I didn’t really intend to draw birch trees. I started out by drawing the lines that make the trunks, and as I was adding the small horizontal lines, I realized I was drawing birch trees, so I just went with it. I think it’s pretty cute!

We haven’t decided on the final three drawings, so I still have some sketching to do, but I’m off to a good start.

As a side note, these images were all taken with my iphone since I was having issues with my other camera, and my scanner didn’t pick up the detail of the lightest gray marker. I’m giving some serious thought to investing in an better scanner!

What do you think of these black & gray drawings? Do you miss the color of my usual work?

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  1. SO PROUD OF YOU!!! was starting to get sad everytime i clicked your blog and didn’t see a new post. These drawings are fun, and no i don’t MISS the color. I work a lot in black and white, and yes people sometimes say “where’s the color?” but honestly, black white and grey are simple & pure – much like your drawn designs. They look lovely. cant wait to see the finished results above the couch.

  2. oh, i love these! sometimes it’s really nice to take a break from the color. i’m a big fan of lines. was going to do the sketchbook project this year – the theme about a line….. but i have too much on my plate.

    i especially love the second one (leafish) and i’m a huge birch tree fan!

    1. Thanks Tammie! Last year I did the “Lines & Grids” theme for the sketchbook project. This year I was contemplating a couple different themes. Still have one day to decide, but I’ve pretty much reconciled with the fact that I’m not going to do one.

    1. Thank Russelle! I had to re-take some of the photos, even if it was just with my eye phone, but I think it’s easier to see the detail than in the images I posted on instagram.

  3. I like your color explorations but these are very interesting too 🙂
    my favorites are the first and fourth, simple lines but very effective and expressive.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment Alex! I’m still somewhat surprised when people single out that 4th drawing, maybe because it was something that I created so spontaneously? I think it’s great that you like it though! Thanks!

  4. Oh these are great! I think I’m also inclined towards the 4th one. It has good energy to it.
    I do like your color work but these are also really beautiful without color.

    Have a good 1st!

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