Misfit Paintings

In my last post, I wrote about some recent paintings I’ve finished in tones of gray. I had a couple of other paintings to share, but they didn’t seem to fit with the last group, so they get their very own post!

In an attempt to re-create a couple of drawings I did in the sketchbooks that Jessica Gowling and I are collaborating on, I painted a composition of little groups of colorful lines, arranged on an imperfect grid.


I wasn’t as satisfied with the results of this. I suppose it’s an ok painting in it’s own right, but I don’t feel the same spirit from this painting that I did from those initial drawings. Maybe my expectations were too specific? I still want to pursue this style; hopefully I can figure it out!

The other painting in this misfits post is the first one that started this recent round of paintings.


This was my first attempt to recreate the stone painting from Day 11 in my birthday giveaway. I started painting the shapes of the stones without the help of an underlying sketch. I had wanted to create a horizontal bar of stones across the square paper, but because I hadn’t planned it out, I had a hard time getting the formation I was after. I decided to fill in the entire paper with stones.

I set this aside after the initial gray stones were in place, intent of finishing the two paintings on my to do list. In the end, I had some left over light turquoise paint that I decided to use to embellish this painting. Instead of creating the same pattern of lines overlapping each other on the surface of the stones, I decided to try something a little different: connecting the stone shapes with groups of three lines. I really like this color combination, but I don’t think the painting is quite done at this stage. Keep an eye out for and update!

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    1. That’s so cool that you noticed! I actually have little piles of stones and rocks displayed here and there throughout my house. I really like them, and yes, definitely find them inspiring!

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