It’s Snowing!

Ok, it’s not actually snowing where I live, but with a little help from some of my creative friends, it’s snowing on my blog! I was so happy to receive snowflake submissions from 13 talented artists!


The first snowflakes to arrive in my inbox were from Michele Banks. She wrote: Here are a couple made by using masking fluid, then watercolor and adding salt. Enjoy!

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Carol made a paper snowflake to share: I love your idea for the snowy blog, so here is my little contribution. I cut it out and scanned it on the blue paper. I swear I didn’t remember them being this hard to do when I was little!

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Jeannine Saylor created a colorful bunch of snowflakes: I took the opportunity to have some fun with my girls during craft time. I cut out the shapes in craft paper chosen by my oldest daughter. She coloured and stickered them until she moved onto another activity.

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Lisa Marie Tsering made a paper snowflake, and the resulting image looks beautifully icy: Can you believe we don’t have any snow here in Minnesota?! I may need to make some paper snowflakes for my 3 year old son to play in 🙂 Can’t wait to see your wintry post…

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Allison Fomich, a fellow paper snowflake enthusiast, made an amazing paper snowflake that when unfolded, revealed lots of little cats! She explained: i am a total snowflake addict as well, i just can’t stop when this time of year rolls around! it’s so much fun!!! I have been making snowflakes for years, never tried to make anything like this cat, though. Inspiration struck! What can I say? It just was a trial and it worked!!!!

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Emily Balsley used a paper snowflake as a starting point for a bright and cheerful illustration: I’m with ya – if we have to endure this cold, I want the snow to go along with it! I’m kinda bummed we’re not going to have a white Christmas here in Wisco. Oh well. At least we can make it snow on your blog! So here’s my snowflake. I cut out a paper one, then used it as the inspiration for my drawing.

Follow Emily on twitter (@emilybluestar), check out her website, and stop by her blog. You can also connect with her on pinterest!

Chris Hajny made an awesome snowflake pattern. He’s one of the talents that make up the Paper Bicycle Creative. If you don’t know about them already, you really need check out this amazing group of illustrators.

Lindsay Nohl is also a member of the Paper Bicycle Creative, and she submitted a wonderful illustration of snowflakes.

Check out the Paper Bicycle website, as well as Lindsay’s personal blog.
Lindsay is also the tweeter for Paper Bicycle, so be sure to follow! (@Paper_Bicycle)




Sarah Hutchinson Burke made a variety of snowflakes: paper cutouts, pencil drawings, and even a collage! She says: I’ve been frantically making snowflakes to make up for the lack of real snow and I’ve started drawing them too.

Follow Sarah on twitter (@thesecondmagpie), and visit her blog.

Julie (O-kami) shared a very festive holiday message with a shimmery snowflake.

Follow Julie on twitter (@FPOkami), visit her two blogs: Pens Paper Inks…Whatever! and In Pursuit of a Hidden Artist, connect with her on Flickr, and Join the Pen Collectors of America.

Juriko Kosaka sent a sweet photo of Tokyo covered with snowflakes! She wrote: This is very quick doodle with iphone:) Snowflakes from tokyo. Have a nice holiday!

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Sara Anderson shared a soft and cozy little crocheted snowflake, photographed on a deep blue background.

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Kye Sangha doodled up a lovely little snowflake. I just love the way she describes it: It looks very Bavarian. All my snowflakes look like German pastries, probably because I learned to “pipe” them from an amazing German chef. No matter what the medium, I feel like I’m decorating something yummy to eat when I make them. Old habits die hard!

Follow Kye on twitter (@KyeSangha), and be sure to visit her fun blog.

Finally, here is my contribution to this snowy collection. After making lots of white paper snowflakes, I was inspired to create a few colorful ones out of giftwrap. I also drew a pattern of snowflakes on one of the gifts.

If you don’t already, feel free to follow me on twitter (@aisforanika). You can also find me on flickr, pinterest, facebook, and instagram (@aisforanika).

I hope you enjoyed the “snow flurry” as much as I did! Many thanks to everyone who participated in this snowy blog post. I couldn’t have done it without you (literally!), and I really appreciate all the effort that went into making each of these absolutely unique snowflakes. It’s really true that no two are alike!

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