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I know it’s been forever since I’ve really shared any of my art here. The truth is, I haven’t been making a ton of art lately; at least not stuff I can or want to share (some of it’s crap, some of it’s still a secret). BUT! I have been taking photos with my iPhone, and my app of choice lately is Instagram.

I’ve been thinking about sharing some of the photos I take each week on this blog, but I wondered if people would really like to see those images, so I had a look through the photos I’ve taken with Instagram so far (over 300 of them!), and I realized that I definitely have a few categories of various types of photos I tend to take. I thought it would be fun to share a few of these groups here, and see what people think.

First and foremost, of course one of the main categories is Otto and Kasi. They are my dachshunds (a.k.a. wiener dogs), and I take a lot of photos of them. Sometimes I wonder if I take too many photos of them.

In the above photo, for example, looks like maybe Otto has had enough of being my model.

I take photos of Otto and Kasi on their own, and sometimes as a pair as well.
otto & kasi
Category: Wiener Dogs

Aren’t they cute?

Wiener dogs are not my only photographic interest, however. I also photograph another of my loves: art and the process and place where it happens.
Category: Drawings

Category: Paint Palettes

Category: My Studio

My nieces and nephew make great models when they are around, and they are always doing fun stuff, so it’s hard to resist snapping photos of them.
Category: Kids I’m Related To

I don’t think I realized I was such a bibliophile, but what can I say? I love books! I love to go to the library. I love to buy books. I love to thumb through and read them. I love to write in them (blank ones). And apparently I love to photograph them too!
Category: Books

I’m a freelance designer, so I spend a lot of time at home. When weather happens, I usually take a photo of my backyard.
my backyard
Category: Backyard

Same goes for sunsets. There’s something about bare winter branches silhouetted against a colorful sky that I just can’t resist. These are, incidentally, also all shot in my backyard.
trees and sky
Category: Trees & Sunsets

The last few categories are somewhat related. I was amused to find that I take photos of my hands, of my hands holding stuff, and of other people holding stuff.

my hands
Category: My Hands

me holding stuff
Category: Me Holding Stuff

others holding stuff
Category: Other People Holding Stuff

The last category that I thought I’d mention has to do with a little photo challenge that I’m taking part of this month: February Photo a Day.

febphotoaday shots
Category: #febphotoaday

The Feb Photo a Day has been interesting because I’ve definitely taken several photos that I never would have shot if it hadn’t been for the themes that correspond to each day. Some are kinda, “meh” like the photo of my cellphone, but others have turned out pretty nice–like the self portrait that I’m now using as my twitter icon. Taking a self portrait with an iphone is so awkward that I probably never would have taken it without having the “self portrait” theme. I actually doodled the suns that are pictured above for the “sun” theme since that particular day was gray and rainy. There are also a few photos from the challenge that I included in some of the other categories above, so I guess all in all it’s not a bad way to take some different photos and see what happens.

There are quite a few other categories that I noticed but didn’t make collages of for this post, so it wouldn’t get too crazy-long, such as “food” “art supplies” “flowers and plants” “stuff around the house” and “stripes”.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Instagram photos. Like I said, I haven’t been churning out the drawings or paintings lately, but taking photos has been a really fun, quick way for me to be creative almost everyday, and I wanted to let you in on what I’ve been up to!

Would you be interested in seeing more Instagram photos from me, here on this blog? I’m curious to know if you have a favorite category of the bunch. Should I stick to the art-related photos, or sneak in a photo of Otto, Kasi, or a cute kid every now and again?

Just one final note that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else: Instagram is a little odd in that they don’t have a way to view images in a really meaningful or easy way online, other than direct links for individual photos, but there are some third party web-viewers that are pretty good. The favorite that I’ve found so far is Statigr.am. If you want to see more of my Instagram photos, you can check them out over there, where you’ll be able to see descriptions and comments, etc. And if you know of a better web-viewer, let me know!

18 Replies to “I Heart Instagram”

  1. I never grow tired of pictures of chubby little doxies! And I really enjoy your Instagram shotsβ€”on your blog and Instagram itself πŸ™‚ Bring on the Instapics!

    oh, and thanks for the Statigr.am link! I use Followgram.me… but I do enjoy options.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like seeing my photos here as well as on instagram. I think it’ll be a nice way to share them w/ non-instagrammers.

      Thanks for mentioning followgram.me! The first website I used for instagram viewing was web.stagram.com but it’s pretty terrible compared to stati.gram. I’ll definitely be trying out followgram.me to see if it is yet another improvement!

  2. I love your photos! And I’m living vicariously through them – would love to have a dachshund, but hubby has said not now…sigh…

    I’m a big Instagram fan myself. I’ve been using webstagram to view online, but only because it was the first thing I found. I’ll try the other suggestions here too!

    1. Aw, I’m glad that my little pups can bring dachshund goodness into your life. I hope some day you’ll get one! πŸ™‚

      Definitely check out the other sites. I was so happy when i found statigr.am. It is just so much slicker and faster, and makes it easier to interact online w/your photos and the people you follow.

  3. Was it my wrist slapping that got you on here??? So happy to see a new post!!! I miss having an injection of (at least weekly) Anika inspiration. I love your photos – don’t be all worried about us not liking them! It’s your blog, so post what inspires you, what you are making etc – if that includes your photos, UPLOAD THEM! You know I am a fan of all your instagram shots; especially those of your cute little pups, one of which I painted for you, remember! There was a time many months ago where I looked at your flickr photos in the archive format and show you: we were both happily surprised at how great they all looked together as “an installation” for lack of better words. Thanks for sharing all of them again.

    1. I do think your tweet helped tip me over the edge to get it done. The idea for this post has been on my mind for a couple weeks, and to know that someone was missing my blog (besides me) was encouraging. It took me forEVER to select the photos and edit them/make the collage groupings, etc. I knew it was going to take a while, which is why I was dragging my feet. I probably spent at least 5 hours when all was said and done, but once I made up my mind to do the post, I was determined. Thanks for the nudge!

  4. I love looking at your photos. I don’t have an iPhone so I’m totally missing out on the Instagram thing…so envious! And I have to say you can NEVER take too many photos of your pets. I love the one shot of the dog looking out the window on the arm rest. And you have a beautiful backyard! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jacilyn! Truth be told, I “inherited” my brother’s old iPhone 3G when he upgraded to the 4. I don’t actually use it as a phone, but I love taking photos with it!

  5. YAY YOU’RE BACK! I’m only a relatively new blog stalker in these parts, but I already find I’m missing your regular posts. I’m loving instagram at the moment too, if only for the fact that the filtered iPhone photos look HEAPS better than straight iPhone shots. Ever notice how they seem to have a blue-y exposure with a green spot in the middle? It’s always bothered me when trying to record progress shots of my work, but instagram filters are the easiest fix πŸ™‚ and they look so pretty once they’re fixed up. But OVER 300 SHOTS?! I have some serious catching up to do!

    1. Thanks Lucy! That’s super sweet of you to say, and really nice to hear! I totally agree with you about the filters–it’s so nice to be able to enhance the way the photos look.

  6. Hi Anika, I love your photos! Yes, do keep posting them. I follow you on Instagram but always miss something so it’d be great to see them here. Of course I love the ones of the doggies most, but all of them are wonderfully inspiring.

  7. i love your photos! especially the art in progress, your studio and the books! I am desperate for that charley harper book!

  8. I follow you on twitter & here because I am genuinely interested in what makes you tick, as well as your art…also, I adore Otto! Photos of him always make me smile. So, my dear, bring it on! Snap away!

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