Ideas Matter | Actions Count

I just posted my second submission to the Positive Inking tumblr!

I’m really happy about how this one turned out. My friend Alyssa shared a life changing tutorial with me about how to separate black line work from the background in Photoshop. I created a Photoshop Action of her method and put it to good use.

ideas matter, actions count

I first drew lots and lots of versions of “Ideas Matter”.

I arranged them into an all over background pattern, and colored them to match my current manicure (plus a yellow-orange).

skittles manicure compared to classic black nails of a dog paw

I then drew a few versions of “Actions Count” with a brush I dipped in ink. When I was happy with the lettering, I let it dry, scanned it in, did the magic Photoshop Action and dropped it on top of the Ideas Matter background.

I thought an animation would be cute for this illustration to show how the ideas can pile up but that actions should be at the forefront.

Not only did I create the black version that I submitted, but I also created and considered a version with a white background.

animated illustration of ideas matter, actions count

I decided to use the black background version as the final because it has a little more impact, but I do appreciated the addition of the dark blue in the version above, so I thought I’d share it here!

2 Replies to “Ideas Matter | Actions Count”

    1. Yeah, I kept going back and forth about the white vs. black. In some ways I think the individual colors are more vibrant on the white background, but overall the black has a little more punch to it. I guess it’s nice to have options. 🙂

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