Let’s Make Patterns in December!

It’s hard to believe another month has zoomed by. I have only one more pattern to do for November, which I’ll be sure to finish tonight! I’m going to keep the daily pattern making momentum going, and continue the challenge into December. It might be a little more challenging with a big road trip (driving back to MD from AZ in a couple weeks) and the holidays in the mix, but I’m game.

Let's Make Patterns in December!

This month I’ll be using an artgraf water soluble carbon block! Check out this video on youtube if you’ve not seen it in action before. I may or may not add color to my patterns this month. Part of me is interested in seeing what I can come up with using only black and white. Plus, then it would be easy to scan the black patterns and add color digitally which I need to get more practice with. I’ll see how the first few days go before deciding for sure.

How about you? Care to join me in December and make a pattern everyday? You can use any media at any size you want. Feel tree to tailor this challenge to suit you, your schedule, and what you want to accomplish. There are very few set in stone rules, besides the obvious: make patterns. Even if you can’t get a pattern done every single day, I’d love to have you join the fun when you can!

If you’ll be playing along, be sure to tag your patterns on instagram and twitter with #letsmakepatterns and/or #patternadaydec so that I will be sure to see them!

Looking forward to another month of patterns!

Pattern a Day October

I know what you’re thinking: “Pattern a Day October? But it’s the end of November!” Well, my internet connection at the cabin is slow and limited, so I didn’t want to upload all the scans of my October patterns. I discovered that my laundromat actually has a decent connection, strong and speedy, so I brought my laptop with me last time, and uploaded a bunch of images while my clothes were washing and drying.

For October I worked with watercolor, and sometimes added details with gray ink that I filled a couple of my rapidograph pens with.

Before I started the month, I tried out my new mixed-media sketchbook with some colorful inks I had on hand.

Extra Pattern a Day October

I liked the different line quality I was getting with wet media, but I didn’t want to limit my color palette this month with the few colors of ink I had. I decided to use watercolor for all the color possibilities it would give me.

I completed the first few patterns while I was still in Maryland.

Day 2 Pattern a Day October

Day 7 Pattern a Day October

I left Maryland for Arizona on October 10th, so I created several patterns while I was on the road! I used a small travel watercolor set, so I had fewer colors to work with, but I still came up with some interesting combinations.

Day 12 Pattern a Day October

Day 13 Pattern a Day October

When I finally made it to Arizona, the daily pattern making continued.

Day 16 Pattern a Day October

Day 26 Pattern a Day October

Throughout the month, there were some days where I wasn’t 100% happy with a pattern I created, so I wanted to redo it, or I just wanted to keep painting, so I did! I ended up with quite a few “extra” patterns and paintings. Some were rather experimental or rough, and the explorations were a lot of fun.

Extra Pattern a Day October

Extra Pattern a Day October

You can see many more daily patterns and all the extras on flickr.

At the moment I’m nearing the end of another month of daily patterns, and although December will be full of travel and holidays, I’m planning to keep going for at least another month! Feel free to join me and make a pattern everyday (or so). Tag your photos on instagram and/or twitter: #letsmakepatterns and #patternadaydec

Yay patterns!

Let’s Make Patterns!

There is only one rule: make a pattern everyday!

Let's Make Patterns!

I know I already wrote an info post about the daily pattern challenge I’ve been doing, but I’m excited, so here’s another one!

If you want to join in on the fun, tag your photos with #letsmakepatterns &/or #patternadaynov on instagram and twitter.

I’ve decided to add the #letsmakepatterns tag because I wanted something that referenced the fact that the patterns are created, not just found patterns in the world, which I’ve seen pop up under the #patternaday tag.

I like to use the daily pattern challenge as an opportunity to try out a different medium, or limit myself in some way with a few preset guidelines. If you usually work with a lot of color, maybe try only black and white patterns for the month. If you are very comfortable with oil pastels, try out markers. The patterns can be simple or complex. You can make them as a warm up exercise before you work on other creative endeavors, or they can stand on their own. Ultimately that part of the challenge is up to you though. Feel free to use the same materials that I use in a particular month (for November I’m using markers!), set your own parameters, or just be completely open and free with it.

Unlike a year-long challenge, this is just for a month, which I’ve found to be much more sustainable. Maybe it’s just a psychological difference, but I know that I have the option not to do it for a particular month if I don’t feel like it, and I think that helps. Not so much pressure.

In my internet wanderings I came across Art Every Day Month which is this month! Rather synchronous, don’t you think? It might be another good way to share your daily creations.

If you’re on flickr, check out the create everyday group started by Kari Maxwell. I’ll be posting at least some of my patterns there. Kari is also offering a Create Every Day online class from November 5 – 9 if you want some help getting started on creating everyday.

Looking forward to lots of patterns in November!