Let’s Make Patterns in December!

It’s hard to believe another month has zoomed by. I have only one more pattern to do for November, which I’ll be sure to finish tonight! I’m going to keep the daily pattern making momentum going, and continue the challenge into December. It might be a little more challenging with a big road trip (driving back to MD from AZ in a couple weeks) and the holidays in the mix, but I’m game.

Let's Make Patterns in December!

This month I’ll be using an artgraf water soluble carbon block! Check out this video on youtube if you’ve not seen it in action before. I may or may not add color to my patterns this month. Part of me is interested in seeing what I can come up with using only black and white. Plus, then it would be easy to scan the black patterns and add color digitally which I need to get more practice with. I’ll see how the first few days go before deciding for sure.

How about you? Care to join me in December and make a pattern everyday? You can use any media at any size you want. Feel tree to tailor this challenge to suit you, your schedule, and what you want to accomplish. There are very few set in stone rules, besides the obvious: make patterns. Even if you can’t get a pattern done every single day, I’d love to have you join the fun when you can!

If you’ll be playing along, be sure to tag your patterns on instagram and twitter with #letsmakepatterns and/or #patternadaydec so that I will be sure to see them!

Looking forward to another month of patterns!

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  1. Anika, I’m definitely in for December and so excited! As of now, I plan to work in watercolor but like you that could change. Seeing your pattern-a-day set on Flickr and your daily instagram uploads inspired me to play along.

  2. That artgraf block is like magic with the water added! That was fun video. I’m going to give it another go in December and see if I can make it more than half the month this time. 🙂 I know December will be crazy, so I’m thinking of blocking out 31 squares or rectangles with watercolor in a sketchbook tonight, and then just using a black pen on top of the watercolor every day. Thanks for spearheading the challenge. It’s been fun to see everyone’s patterns on Instagram.

    1. That sounds like a good idea, prepping the paper with color and then doodling over top. I’m all about making the project easy/sustainable for the time you have available. Good luck, but hey, even if you just do a few patterns, that’s great too!

  3. Tammy and Hanna (iHanna) have inspired me to join this too. Cool finding a new blog in the process too. Made a start yesterday, but have yet to post to instagram because my mum was over. Will do later.

  4. In the midst of all the rush of my days, I’ve been thinking of you and your patterns, Anika. Are you back in Maryland now or still in Arizona? I’ll do my best to join you each day with a pattern ~ I missed Dec. 1st but will try to jump in. 🙂

    1. I’m still in Arizona for a couple more weeks. Touring around a bit in Flagstaff/Sedona, then might swing by Tucson. Jump in any time and do as many or as few patterns as you like! Would love to see patterns from you–I’m sure they’ll be amazing!

    1. Awesome, sounds great! I’m actually planning to set up a flickr group for those folks who post their patterns over there. Will be another fun way to view them!

  5. Anika….I’m thinking that I may give this a try….I just found out about it today.
    I don’t do Instagram or Twitter, so I’ll just post on my blog, if that’s ok. I do have a Twitter account but have never used it…maybe I should try it out?

    1. Yes, please do! It’s totally fine to post on your blog! I would recommend you try out twitter, if you’re so inclined. This might be a good chance to do so, since you could see what other people are creating with the same #patternadaydec tags, and maybe make some “twitter buddies”!

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