Pattern a Day November

It’s close to the end of December, and I’m just now getting around to posting about all the patterns I created in November. I thought this might happen since I was planning a big road trip from Arizona, back home to Maryland earlier in December.

I’ve been back home for about a week by now, but I’ve been down and out for the count with the flu. I’m always amazed that being sick makes it so much harder to accomplish anything, but that’s the way it goes. I’ve been taking it easy, despite all the ideas that are wanting to be pursued. I thought updating the blog would be a good task to ease me back into a normal schedule, but then I thought about how I haven’t scanned the patterns from November, and I really should do that before I start writing anything.

But I didn’t feel like scanning anything, so I was conflicted about what to do. Then I thought about it, and realized that I don’t really HAVE TO scan in the patterns right away. The photos I took and posted to instagram with my iphone really aren’t too bad. And I decided that sometimes pretty good is just good enough.

I feel very happy to be writing this, but it also feels great that it didn’t have to be perfect!

Isn’t it funny how we have to let ourselves off the hook sometimes?

For November I worked with copic markers and black fine liner pens. Instead of drawing the forms with the fine liner, I started each pattern by drawing the colorful shapes, and then used the black pens to add details or enhance the pattern as I saw fit. This is very backward to the way that I usually work, and I think I got some really interesting patterns as a result.

Day 26 Pattern a Day November

Day 23 Pattern a Day November

I was in Arizona for the entire month of November, and my southwest surroundings definitely provided some awesome inspiration, both subconsciously and directly.

Day 11 Pattern a Day November
I pieced the above pattern together bit by bit, and when it was all complete, I was surprised by how “southwest-y” it looked. Not that I mind! This is one of my favorites from the month!

Day 17 Pattern a Day November
On one of my hikes, I had the opportunity to investigate and old Pueblo, and was surprised and delighted to come across quite a few pot shards! I took several photos, and drew some direct inspiration from the shapes and patterns of the various fragments.

Day 27 Pattern a Day November
The landscape of shrubby juniper and cacti inspired a botanical, horizontal stripe pattern.

One of the last patterns I created in November was noticed by Copic Markers themselves on twitter (@copicmarker)! They’re tweet said simply, “this is. very. cool.” It was pretty fun to get a little shout out from one of my favorite art supply companies!

Day 29 Pattern a Day November

I completed 30 patterns in the month of November. You can check them all out in the Flickr set.

December’s patterns are going great. I’m doing monochromatic black and grey, using only a water soluble carbon block made by Artgraf. I’m loving the various shades of grey, but after reviewing November’s colorful collection, I’m maybe missing color a wee bit.

January is another month though, and at this point I’m toying with the idea of using color and collage to make patterns–something I haven’t done before!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your pattern study. Thanks for sharing, even though you were sick. Hopefully, you’ll be feeling better real soon.

    1. Thanks Jeannine! I am planning to continue next month! At this point I’m planning to keep going with it until it’s not fun any more, or until I think of another project I might want to do for a particular month. I have a couple of ideas which I’m still deciding on for next month’s media, but it’ll be something colorful!

  2. I love how you create a challenge within the challenge: color first, fine black line second for November or monochromatic for December. I cannot wait to see December’s full set and wait with bated breath to see January. Create on, my friend! Oh, and by the way, LOVE imperfect posts (in fact, prefer those over the other). Happy New Year, Anika! I am excited about what lies ahead…

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