Let’s Make Patterns in March

Just like with February, March totally snuck up on me!

Let's Make Patterns in March

I will be honest, part of me wanted to take a break this month. The rhythm of this challenge started to feel a little stale to me. I thought about how I might make it interesting for myself, and one thing that I’ve become re-interested in lately is zines. So why not make some pattern zines?

I’ll be drawing one or two mini patterns each day in March. With 31 days in March, I’ll do between 9 and 10 zines this month depending on how many patterns I create each day.

I’m thinking I might switch up mediums for each zine, but we’ll see how it goes. Since I’m writing this post a little late, I’ve already started one zine with Day 1’s patterns.

Day 1 Pattern a Day March

If you are interested in making daily patterns this month, I’d be happy if you joined me! Feel free to tailor this challenge to suit you, your schedule, and what you want to accomplish, using any medium at any size that you like! There is really only one “rule”: make patterns. Even if you can’t get a pattern done every single day, I’d love to have you create a pattern when you can!

If you make patterns this month, be sure to tag your images with #patternadaymar and/or #letsmakepatterns. Also add your images to the flickr group.

Yay for mini patterns in March!

6 Replies to “Let’s Make Patterns in March”

  1. I’m diving in again this month. I thought I wanted a break in February. I thought I could keep the momentum from the daily patterns going, and transition into other projects. Hmm. Nope. Very little art-making for me in February. I think I need the daily habit. I don’t know if it will always be patterns, but I think I need the structure. Looking forward to seeing your zines!

  2. Yay, for YOU, Anika, in moving forward through the “stale” towards the innovative and beautiful. I haven’t had my creative commitment inspiration for March yet (and it usually comes to me prior to every month)! I will keep on keepin’ on and ask for clarity here (even though it is March 2). Looking forward to seeing what is birthed through the zines. Cheers!

  3. I wish I could participate in this but I’m having surgery on Monday and will probably be down and out most of the month. I can’t wait to see what you come up with Anika!

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