Chocolate Easter Bunny Foil Collage for Glue It Tuesday

Last week I saw Aimee from Artsyville’s announcement for a new feature on her blog, “Glue it Tuesday,” and I knew it was an activity I could really get into.

I’ve been interested in collage for years, but my early attempts were less than successful. I would carefully cut out people, flowers, and other objects from magazines, and then try to come up with arrangements that were clever, thoughtful, or good looking. Each attempt fell flat (to say the least), so eventually I stopped trying, and instead just enjoyed other collage artists’ works.

More recently I made my first positive strides with collage, pursuing a more abstract style. The best example of this is the collaged sketchbook I put together for the Sketchbook Project, Limited Edition. I worked intuitively, arranging shapes into balanced compositions that sometimes felt clever, thoughtful, and good looking!

I’m excited about this opportunity to explore the medium more and plan have my own Glue it Tuesdays here on my blog.

On Aimee’s intro post, I commented that I’ve been collecting thrift store books to collage with, and at first I thought I would use those for today’s collage. But then I ate part of a chocolate easter bunny. I noticed how pretty the little scraps of foil were, laying where they fell on the table, and I thought it would be fun to arrange them and glue them down.

easter bunny

So that’s what I did! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to capture the shiny texture of the foil, but my scanner did a pretty good job.

I must say, the feeling of gluing down foil is very satisfying. If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend trying it out.

Next week I’ll probably work with paper of some sort. Although, I suppose I could buy a couple more chocolate easter bunnies in the name of art, right?

Be sure to visit Artsyville to see what Aimee created this week and to find links to other Glue it Tuesday creations.

12 Replies to “Chocolate Easter Bunny Foil Collage for Glue It Tuesday”

  1. Fun! I am also surprised at how shiny the scan looks. I like the little patterned bits on the left side, and the fact that you can see the nose and one of the eyes in the middle.

  2. Chocolate bunny inspiration – I LOVE it! Playing with foil is fun isn’t it? I’m forever adding bits to everything – it delights my shiny-object magpie self. But now I’m inspired to add to my stash. Beware there will soon be some nude chocolate bunnies around here.

  3. This is super funny to me, and cool. You are proof that anything can be cut & pasted – and that it’s awesome when we try new things.


  4. I must try this. I ‘ll chase after everyone at Easter to collect the foil. I know I love flattening foil so that and glueing I would think would be, as you say, very satisfying!

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