Pattern a Day July

In July I decided to join Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow for her Index Card a Day (ICAD) challenge. ICAD runs for two months in which time you can make any kind of art on an index card. I combined ICAD with my pattern a day challenge and drew patterns with zig markers on index cards.

Day 5 ICAD and Pattern a Day July

I love this way of working so much! Maybe it’s because index cards are so small or so cheap, but whatever the reason, it’s like the pressure’s off. This freed me up to create “whatever I want.” I guess I’m always free to create “whatever I want,” but a lot of times I’m hopeful that the end result will look good, and I think that subconsciously has an impact on what and how I create.

When using index cards, I found that I was off the hook of having a “good” final image. If I didn’t like the outcome, I could always make another one, or keep drawing and experiment with adding layers of lines and color.

Day 11 ICAD and Pattern a Day July

Layering in this way is a new technique for me, and I find the possibilities here are pretty exciting. I’m looking forward to exploring more index card art in the future!

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