Pattern a Day August

When I started August’s patterns, my main goal was to spend more time working on the individual patterns. I had chosen quick and easy challenges in June and July, so I was feeling a pull toward a more time consuming pursuit. Plus, this month would officially conclude one whole year of making daily patterns, so I wanted to go out with a bang!

Day 4 Pattern a Day August

Day 16 Pattern a Day August

June’s challenge in which I started with black and white doodles and created colorful digital patterns had me thinking a lot about how much color can change the look and feel of a design. That gave me the idea to double up and create two versions of the same pattern each day: one black and white, and one in whatever colors I was inspired to use.

Day 18 Pattern a Day August

Day 29 Pattern a Day August

This was a really fun month for me. Not only was my creativity stretched by coming up with a new pattern each day, but I also got the meditative benefits by repeating each pattern a second time.

Day 10 Pattern a Day August

Day 31 Pattern a Day August

A great way to end a year of daily patterns!

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