Index Card a Day 2014

Last year I participated in the last half of Index Card a Day (ICAD) while I was in the thick of my daily pattern project. I decided to combine the challenges for the month of July, and I had a lot of fun making patterns with markers on simple index cards. ICAD is hosted by Tammy from Daisy Yellow and runs every year in June and July, and this year I decided to join in for the whole run.

It’s already been a little over a month, and I thought it would be fun to share the cards I made in June.

All ICADs made in June

Part of what made ICAD such an attractive challenge to join last year was that I really needed something low-key after a super busy June. I kept it simple and only used a set of Zig Writer markers for all the cards. Since I wasn’t strictly focusing on patterns this year, I took a fresh approach to the challenge: “anything goes”. So far I’ve used acrylic paint, gouache, watercolor, sharpie pens, prismacolor fine liners, acrylic paint markers, ball point pens and pencils. I’ve explored a variety of styles, techniques and subject matter. There has been plenty of experimentation leading to several creative and exciting “aha! moments”.

There is still a little less than a month of the challenge left. If you are interested in making some index card art, you can join any time. Find more information on the ICAD section of Tammy’s blog or check out the #icad2014 tag on instagram or twitter!