Index Card a Day 2014: Part 2

I did it! I successfully completed one piece of index card art per day in June and July!

Actually I finished many more than the official 61, so I might have to do an “extras” post on top of this one. Here are a few of my favorites from the second half of the challenge.

Day 49 ICAD

Day 41 ICAD

ICAD Day 32

Day 45 ICAD

When I started this challenge, I took it on as something fun and easy to do. I wasn’t expecting that it would be a creative boost for me on top of the fun and easy part. Because index cards are such a small surface to work on, when I had extra time, I would put more effort into that day’s card. Even when I had something that could pass as a finished piece, I often felt like taking the card a step further. Because of this, I created layers of texture with paint, markers and pens, or added detailed embellishment with pencil or pen. I even dabbled with collage.

I’ve started applying the new creative ideas from the cards I made to some recent larger paintings, and it’s really moving my work in an exciting new direction. Already can’t wait for next year!

6 Replies to “Index Card a Day 2014: Part 2”

  1. Hi Anika! I remember seeing your cards during ICAD! Loved them all! Both of your posts about the project and what it meant to you were fun to read. And seeing all your cards is a feast to the eyes!! Thanks for sharing. Jenny 🙂

  2. I love all of your cards. I took mary ann moss’s SEWN pattern journal class and your patterns were a great inspiration for that class. I love to just set and cover papers with patterns. thanks for all you share.

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