Inktober 2014

For the last 17 days I’ve been drawing one floral pattern a day for #inktober. Although I was aware of Inktober last year when a few friends participated, I was in the thick of my daily pattern project and decided to challenge myself to paint on colorful backgrounds. So, this is the first time I’ve participated in this fun project that was started in 2009 by Jake Parker.

I decided to use one brush pen for the month, and I have to say, I’m really loving it. Sometimes limitations are just what you need to stretch creativity into a different direction. I’ve been enjoying the variety of lines and marks I can draw with just this one tool.

Bold or dainty strokes:

inktober day 4

inktober day 2

Controlled detail or expressive shapes:

inktober day 9

inktober day 10

The expressive quality of the line can be so lovely when using a brush pen. It’s also been eye opening to work with both thick and thin lines:

inktober day 15

I’m tagging all my drawings with #inktoberpatterns to make it a little easier to find. If you care to join in, there’s still about a half a month to go!

2 Replies to “Inktober 2014”

  1. These are gorgeous Anika! And all done with a single brush pen makes them even more interesting. I love limiting myself sometimes too, instead of always knowing I can pull from my entire arsenal of art supplies. You are so right, limiting our options, does stretch our creativity. I’ve recently started a few journals dedicated to limited supplies. One is just for sharpies. One is mainly colored pencils. And the 3rd is specific pens and markers I want to get to “know” better. Lol I’m calling them my Specific Journals. Plus it’s easy to grab the journal along with the limited supplies I have in pouches/containers and play with them anywhere! Some days, I let out a happy sigh knowing I’m not surrounded by all my stuff – just my journal and her limited materials. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I absolutely love your patterns! I really enjoy how you play with scale and repeat. The contrast of the black and white makes them so striking! Love, love, love!

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