Painting Daily: 4x6x365

I just finished my first week of daily painting in 2015!

Day 1 | 4x6x365

My initial idea was to create a painting on 4×6 inch paper each day and call the project 4x6x365. After thinking about it, I adjusted my idea and thought it would be better to work a little larger on 6×8 inch paper. I sat down on January 1st with a few sheets of paper in various sizes, and I was surprised to find it challenging to “complete” a 6×8 painting, but I had several 4×6 paintings that looked finished to me. So I switched my challenge back to the 4×6 idea, and I’ve been going strong since.

Day 2 | 4x6x365

Day 3 | 4x6x365

I’ve already explored quite a few new tools and techniques. I worked with bristle brushes, a brayer, and palette knives. I painted opaquely and translucently. I did a lot of layering and lifting of colors, achieving subtle effects.

Day 4 | 4x6x365

I played around a bit with adding pencil marks after the painting part was finished. I like the level of interest it adds.

Day 5 | 4x6x365

I felt quite bold when I made the black swish in the above painting. I had the idea for it, and had to go for it!

Day 6 | 4x6x365

Day 7 | 4x6x365

After an initial touch of resistance and a feeling of overwhelm of what this project would look like for the whole year, I started this first week by giving myself permission to make anything I wanted. There’s a looseness and complexity from all the layers and brush textures that surprises me. It’s maybe not what I had in mind, but that’s really part of the fun!

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  1. Wow! This sounds like a perfect project for you. I always applaud anyone who goes for such a commitment. I like how you found your size too. I did one month drawing project and it was so hard for me. So, I wish you good luck with this and may you end up with 365 little presents just for you at the end 😉

  2. very inspiring, I am also exploring a creative journey working with 8×6 brown paper notebooks using pens, watercolor pencils and provocations from Pinterest. Also on acrylic boards using acrylics and different mediums. Thank you for inspiring me to keep going for the whole year.

  3. This sounds like a fun idea! And a big idea as well, a whole year; best of luck! I am doing the ICAD 2015 challenge and 61 days seem like a lot to me right now. But I am totally the kind of person that could have such a creative, fun and ambitious idea as you! I am tempted to try myself! But I hesitate, having so much else. But I must say, to have a continuity in art making is the best way possible to improve and learn and realise the fun is in the making. Have fun! I am blogging about my creative challenges at my blog. My index cards are way smaller though, which feels like somwhat limiting; they are only 2.91×4.13 inches.

  4. One word – WOW! I watched your videos on YouTube about the sketchbook projects you have made (hoping you are the same Anika) and it inspired me to make my own Pattern art journal.. Your work is amazing and truly original and inspiring. Keep it up coz I wanna see more of your work.

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