Pattern a Day Februrary

In my post about the February Commit to Create Challenge (FCCC) that I took part in with Kari Maxwell and others, I mentioned that part way through the month I separated that challenge from my daily patterns. Initially I thought the two challenges would dovetail together perfectly, but partway through the month, I realized it wasn’t working as well, so I went with the flow and pursued 2 challenges a day. Therefore, this month I have a mix of designs: some inspired by the daily prompts from the FCCC and some that had other sources of inspiration.

During the first few days of the month, I easily came up with patterns that were inspired by the daily prompts.

Day 1 pattern Splash It!
Inspired by Day 1 “Splash It” of the FCCC.

On day 2 the prompt was “Stamp It,” and I had to smile since I spent all January “Stamping It” but this was actually great because it gave me the excuse to try out one more idea that was lingering from the previous month.

Day 2 Stamp It

I created day 16’s pattern in preparation of the FCCC prompt “Tear It”.

day 16 pattern a day february

After the pattern was drawn, I tore up the page into little pieces and rearranged them into a collage.

day 16 tear it

Early in the month I explored various media, but by the end of February I was mostly using zig writers to make my patterns. That didn’t stifle my creativity, however, and I came up with quite a few cute ideas!

day 19 pattern a day february

Day 22 pattern a day February.

day 26 pattern a day february

The strawberries are probably my favorite pattern from this month. I just love that they each have their own personality.

Check out the flickr set to see the full collection of patterns I created in February.

February Commit to Create Challenge

When I got ready to start my daily pattern challenge for the month of February, I was contacted by Kari Maxwell who invited me to play along with her February Commit to Create Challenge class. She sent out daily prompts throughout the month, and thought it would be fun if I could be the guest artist in February. It was great timing as I was looking for something different to do that month.

When I agreed I imagined that I would be using her prompts as the starting point for my daily patterns. The month started out as planned, but as the days went on, several of the prompts inspired other ideas that weren’t as easy to apply to a pattern. I embraced the unexpected and let the challenges split when needed.

A few favorite patterns that were directly inspired by Kari’s challenge that I also used for my daily pattern challenge include the prompts, “throw it,” “list it,” and “twist it”.

Day 4 throw it pattern

day 4 list it pattern

day 12 pattern a day february

For the prompts, “string it,” and “arrange it” I explored other ideas, although I was able to create patterns inspired by those creations.

day 5 string it

day 6 pattern a day february
pattern inspired by “string it”.

day 6 arrange it

day 7 pattern a day february
pattern inspired by “arrange it”.

Prompts including and “trace it” and “bind it” really stood on their own.

day 13 trace it

day 15 bind it

I love the unexpected, so I had a lot of fun this month letting my creative process unfold and go where it wanted. Kari’s prompts, feedback and encouragement, plus the interaction with the other participants in the challenge had me looking forward to each day to see what the theme would be and how everyone would interpret it differently.

Kari is a big proponent of the power of creating on a consistent basis, which is the focus of her ongoing class series “Create Everyday.” Be sure to stop by Kari’s blog and check out those classes, as well as her artist interviews and thoughtful writing!