oh! hello!

four hellos

Oh, hello!

Welcome to my new blog. You can find my old blog over here. I’ll still be posting at least some partial entries over there, but here is where the real action is going to be from now on.

My rediscovery of the very awesome Hello Project has coincided nicely with the set-up of this new blog, so read on to hear my Hello Project story.

About a year ago, I started working for a financial start-up company. Now, a year later, the company is no more, but what remains are many doodled-on post-it notes. There was a lot of down time in between spurts of activity at the new company, and I doodled to pass the time using what was nearest to me–ball point pens and post-it notes. During my post-it doodling days, I stumbled across the Hello Project for the fist time, and I doodled a couple of hellos (the blue ones). But my hello doodles languished in the stack of decorated post-its for months and months.

Recently the Hello Project again came to my attention, and I was inspired to make a couple new hellos (the yellow ones).

This time, I followed through and scanned them all and sent them off to the Hello Project and now they are up on their site for the world to see! Check them out, browse through all the other hellos, and then make one yourself!