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Trained as a graphic designer, I began creating art for myself about 8 years ago, starting simply with a few black pens and a sketchbook. I’ve since incorporated markers, watercolor and acrylic paint, thread, and natural materials in my work. I write about my process and experiments on my blog and love connecting with other artists & art lovers, so do say hello!


I live in Maryland, and work from home as a freelance web designer. My art happens in my spare time, and I try to create something everyday. My dachshunds, Otto and Kasi, keep me company and take me for walks to make sure I don’t just sit around all day.

My other interests include walking in the woods in the winter, water, wishing wells, the west coast, and weeping willows.

You can find me elsewhere on the internet:
my old blog

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  1. Hey there, I have been browsing the net looking for other artists who use all types of mediums and just love to make art every day and I think your blog is a nice stumble upon, as it were. I looked at some of your stuff and I like what I see (watercolors are so hard to work with!)
    I’m also seeking feedback on my own (fledgling) site and work and I’ll happily comment on your works as soon as I get proper time to look.
    (Also looking here makes me realize even if my sketches aren’t finished I should upload them either way; the ones I like anyway.)

  2. Anika–I just discovered your blog via the amazing Abbey over at Aesthetic Outburst. I was excited to see you’re up in Baltimore (I’m down in Silver Spring). Wondering if you ever do any shows down in DC, or if you sell your work anywhere cause I really love it!

  3. I came across your blog completely by accident, and it made me warm and fuzzy inside to see that we shared the same name, albeit different spellings.

    I love your use of colors and shapes. I save a lot of your pictures on my laptop for color inspiration–you have wonderful combinations and even something as simple as the line drawings you have are striking because of it.

  4. Hello Anika!

    I work in Interiorvista, a Spanish company based in Barcelona. We are constantly searching for innovative artists to collaborate with us, I found out about your work via Flickr, it feels fresh and looks beautiful!. We would like to have the opportunity to send you our proposal for your review.
    We are interested to use some of your artwork to enrich the virtual ambiances we create for our clients.

    We are looking forward to your favourable reply!

    Best Regards,

    Sergio Ferrao
    +34 617 093 815

  5. Hi Anika, thanks for sharing your art. I am curious, as it is something I have thought about doing as well, how you have transposed your doodles and hand drawings from paper and ink to being good grphaical images on the screen. I have struggled with getting the lighting right or having the scan look right when trying to do this myself. Thanks.

  6. Hi Anika! I love your work and your very warm and friendly blog. I’m an artist (and Mom) in D.C. I’m completely inspired by the Pattern-a-Day project, and I think I’m going to start doing it myself tonight. I’m glad to have found your blog.

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