Long Paper

The paper quality isn’t the best and there are lines across it (which I tend to avoid), but it sparked a bunch of creative ideas for me because: It’s really long and skinny.

I couldn’t wait to let my mind wander and doodles some shapes.

Watercolor Doodles

If you’re curious, the dimensions of the paper are 1.75″ x 11″. It’s amazing how such a simple change, like using an unusual sized paper can inspire so many new ideas. Now I’m thinking of all those scraps I’ve tossed over the years from cutting down paper. If only I’d known! I’ll certainly be keeping them in the future.

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  1. VERY inspiring post Anika!! you are so right, how sometimes changing such a little thing can spark creativity. your doodles would make great washi tape! and i love the colorful dragons by Liz! thanks for sharing. OH-i have that exact teeny-tiny set of colored pencils! do you really use them? they are sooooo tiny-lol. i also have a teeny watercolor set. jenny 🙂

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